What Are the Items That You Should Not Include in the Trash? 

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Reputable waste management service providers completely understand how imperative it is to keep toxic trash out of the landfills. That’s the reason why they offer residential garbage as well as recycling services, which are designed to help in preventing certain household wastes from entering the landfill. If you’re quite sure about what and what’s not to put in your trash bin, then here are the things you must never throw in the trash.  


  1. Batteries

Batteries have a lot of chemicals that can primarily cause environmental risks and serious health issues when thrown in the landfill, most especially if then will infiltrate a water supply nearby. While not all kinds of batteries can be disposed in the same way, it’s actually very important to make sure that the used batteries are never thrown into your recycling bin. You should also bear in mind that different kinds of batteries such as zinc carbon and alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, watch batteries, lithium batteries, lead-acid, zinc-air batteries, as well as automotive batteries can usually be recycled at the shop where the batteries were bought. 

  1. Fluorescent Light Bulbs

While halogen and incandescent light bulbs are fine to be thrown in the skip, the case is different with compact fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs. This is because they can contain toxic chemicals, which should never be thrown in the trash. Rather, these kinds of light bulbs must be taken to the hazardous household waste collection facility. 

  1. Paint

Paints that are oil-based, stains, coatings, paint removers, varnishes, as well as strippers contain certain chemicals that are harmful to animals, the environment, and humans. Because of that, they must never be tossed in your skip. On the other hand, if you have full paint cans leftover, they must be returned to the shop where you bought them or donate it to a non-profit organization.  

  1. Glass Thermometers

Glass, old fashioned-thermometers contain 500 mg of mercury, which is very hazardous to our health if it’s accidentally broken. If you want to get rid of a glass thermometer, then take it to a hazardous waste collection facility. This is the most ideal way to make sure that it is disposed properly. Some areas might even offer an exchange program, which will give you new electronic thermometers in exchange for your old mercury thermometer.   

  1. Electronics

Typically, all kinds of electronic devices can contain a lot of dangerous substances including mercury, lead, beryllium, cadmium as well as brominated flame retardants. This actually make them dangerous to the environment. In fact, the best way to have your electronics disposed is to donate it so that it can be reused or simply drop it off at the recycling center. If you own a commercial property and you have to dispose a lot of electronic devices like old computers, TVs, etc., then it’s best that you rent a skip from a reputable skip hire company. This way, you’ll make sure that any hazardous waste will be taken care of by a professional cheap skip hire Birmingham.

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